Welcome to our Kickboxing Club

Stanford Quarrie Kickboxing Club offers local Freestyle Kickboxing Training Lessons and Classes for kids, teens and adults, men and women, and all abilities and backgrounds in a controlled safe and friendly environment.

Stanford Quarrie Kickboxing Club currently has over 100 students of all ages having been successfully running kickboxing classes and private one to one kickboxing lessons for over 15 years.

Club History

Stanford Quarrie has over thirty years of Martial Arts experience which has involved an assortment of different live scenarios.

He started his martial arts training in the 1970’s studying Wu Chia under Master R. Goh. Stanford became the leading student where he represented the Wu Chia system in their successful registration into the UK Kung Fu council. After years with Wu Chia Stanford Quarrie then moved successfully onto Kickboxing winning the British Middleweight Title under Spirit Combat.

With his wealth of experience Stanford then founded his Kickboxing Club where he felt he could give the young community direction and discipline.

Our instructors

Spiritual Benefits

Stanford Quarrie Kickboxing Training is a great way to get a total body
workout whilst learning simple self defence moves however Kickboxing
training benefits do not stop there.

  • Improves Confidence
  • Improve self esteem
  • Increase self discipline
  • Stimulates the mind
  • Inner Strength
  • Relieves and reduces stress
  • Meet new friends
  • Have fun!

Physical Benefits

  • Increase fitness levels
  • Increase flexibility levels
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Improve Balance
  • Increase Focus Alertness
  • Boost energy levels
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Increase Stamina
  • Sculpt your body
  • Increase lean muscle

Kids & Teens Kickboxing Classes

All Kids & Teens kickboxing classes are conducted by fully qualified Martial Arts instructors.

Children, both kids and teens, can benefit in many ways from attending Kickboxing Classes at Stanford Quarrie Kickboxing Club.

  • Increased self-confidence and a sense of achievment
  • Increased self-discipline involving setting limits, establishing consistent consequences and making positive behaviours a habit
  • Understanding the importance of respect for self and others and understanding that bullying is not practised or condoned
  • Increased level of fitness and flexibilty
  • mproves social skills and interaction with others
  • Links well with schooling and complements extra curricular activity
  • Emphasises and develops positive relationships between teacher and student
  • Children learn how to defend themselves

Full uniform must be worn during the beginners class.

Adults Kickboxing Classes

Beginners Kickboxing Classes

The beginners adults kickboxing classes are open to all student and the students who participate must have a duty to respect for all. Due and safe care is taken at all times during Kickboxing classes which concentrate on basic kickboxing moves and techniques using upper and lower body at the same time teaching the safety whilst performing these moves. Essential class time will be spent on the fundamentals of kickboxing footwork and balance whilst also illustrating the importance of stretching. At the same time this class offers a great kickboxing cardio workout.

Advanced Kickboxing Classes

Advanced adults kickboxing classes can only be attended by competent students who have attended the beginners class and reached a certain level of training. The advanced adults kickboxing classes build on what has been learnt in the beginners kickboxing class by offering students a more fast paced action with more advanced kickboxing techniques at a higher fitness level. The advanced adults kickboxing classes will involve skipping, sparring, shadowing, padwork, focus training, bagwork and untold levels of combinations.

Full uniform must be worn during the advanced class.

One to One Personal Training

Kick Boxing Lessons

Stanford Quarrie Kickboxing welcomes personal one to one tuition kickboxing lessons in personal protection and kickboxing to both current and new students.
Please be advised outsiders who will be vetted before acceptance. Please contact us for further information.


Grading is available approximately every 3 months however all students are free to progress at their own pace and students can discuss their progress with instructors before wanting to take the next grading.

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown I
  • Brown II
  • Black



£5 per session


£25 per year
(Required for advanced class)

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Email: info@stanfordquarriekickboxing.com